Cloud VM Botting for Diablo 3

1. What is this guide about?

This guide is written for running Diablo 3 games on a cloud virtual machine. So far only RoS-BOT is tested, but this could be extend to other botting applications and other games.

2. Minimum requirement?

  • Internet
  • Diablo 3 account
  • Your dad’s credit card

3. Cost?

$35/£28/€31 per month ≈ $1 a day
You can test for free with $10 Credit using Promo Code NJFOARH

4. Creating the Virtual Machine

  1. Sign up to Paperspace
  1. Select “CREAT A CLOUD VM” under “CORE”
  1. Now choose the region closest to you: West Coast, East Coast, Europe
  1. Select the $35 “Standard” machine option. Feel free to go higher if your dad is rich.
  1. Leave everything else as it is.

  2. (Optional) Apply Promo Code NJFOARH for $10 Free Credit

  1. Proceed to “Create Your Paperspace” button.

  2. And now we are almost there! The machine will be created in 5-15min. Be patient!

5. Configuration and Optimisation

5.1. Starting your VM

Once the provisioning is complete, run the machine from your console.

5.2. Internet Setting

By default, the machine blocks IE internet connection. You can either unblock it following this guide, or use Google Chrome pre-installed on the machine.

Download and install the game and bot.

5.3. Game Setting

Configure lowest graphic settings in Diablo 3 and enable windowed mode.

5.4. Bot Setting (Important)

  • IMPORTANT: You MUST diable the overlay for good frame rate.
  • OPTIONAL: Also in Global Settings, set LootArchive to True for logging bot activities online.

  • Press F11 (^+⌘+F for Mac Users) to enter Fullscreen.

6. Advanced Settings

(To be continued)

7. Q&A

7.1. Why Cloud VM?

a) Electricity is expensive

Electricity Price

US = $0.12 per kWh
UK = £0.13 per kWh
Germany = €0.30 per kWh.

High end gaming PC can peak at 1kW
It could cost you $2-$8 a day if you are botting 24/7 depend on where you live.
With the cloud, that’s up to 85% save on your bill!

So, why not?

b) DIY Virtual Machine sucks

It could be time consuming and troublesome, and it requires a decent PC to run. It takes away significant CPU power and RAM from your host PC. Not everyone can afford that!

c) Access anywhere with a browser

Mac/PC/Linux or even and iPad, as long as you have an browser!

8. Ask Me Any Thing!

Leave a message in the comment and I will get back to you.

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